Aluminum Foil-Glass Cloth Tape

Aluminum foil-glass cloth tape is coated with water acrylic or solvent acrylic adhesive on glass cloth. It is easy to use, super high strength, saving resource.

Features of Aluminum Foil-Glass Cloth Tape

Backing: Aluminum foil + glass cloth

Glue: Solvent acrylic / Hot melt adhesive

Release liner: paper

Size: 1200mmx850m(Jumbo roll size)

         1200mmx50mor customized (Log roll size)

         50mmx50mor customized (Cut roll size)

Structure: Aluminum foil + adhesive + glass cloth + adhesive + release liner

Technical Data of Aluminum Foil-Glass Cloth Tape

Part No. Adhesive Foil thickness Cloth thickness
FG701M Hot melt adhesive 7mic 110mic
FG1801M Hot melt adhesive 18mic 125mic
FG701R Solvent acrylic 7mic 110mic
FG1801R Solvent acrylic 18mic 125mic

Applications of Aluminum Foil-Glass Cloth Tape

Used in seam sealing and joint bonding of vapor barriers that demand high strength, abrasive resistance and tear resistance.

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