Anti-slip Adhesive Tape For Carpet

Anti-slip adhesive tape for carpet is using Non-woven fabrics/Glue as backing material.

Details of Anti-slip Adhesive Tape For Carpet

Backing: Non-woven fabrics/Glue

Size: 6cm x 3m/5m


Soft material & Good anti-skid

The surface is concave and convex

The grain is clearly visible

Wear-resistant effect for a long time

The back is affixed with high adhesive glass fiber tape

The overall strength is higher

Technical Date of Anti-slip Adhesive Tape For Carpet

Project Unit Tolerance Target value Test method
Extrinsic feature Blue particle、No impurities Visual
Use layer Substrate weight g/sm +0.010 65 ASTMD-3652
Tape thickness m/m +0.010 0.100
180°Peel strength g/in   >1500 ASTMD-3330

Applications of Anti-slip Adhesive Tape For Carpet

Suitable for family, school, apartment, office space, hotel and other carpet back composite anti-skid effect, children and elderly walking on the ground better care and protection. A real safety multiplier.

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