Copper Conductive Tape

Copper conductive tape is using conductive copper foil as backing material and coated with acrylic conductive adhesive. Copper conductive tape is mainly used for electrical use, both of the copper film and adhesive are conductive.

Details of Copper Conductive Tape

Release liner : White paper liner

Adhesive : Acrylic conductive adhesive / Acrylic non-conductive adhesive

Carrier : Conductive copper foil

Color : Brown

Size: 600mmx33m (Log roll size)

         12mmx33mor customized (Cut roll size)

Models of Copper Conductive Tape

Part No. Material Total Thickness
CCT650 Conductive copper foil 50mic
CCT1660 Conductive copper foil 60mic
CCT2670 Conductive copper foil 70mic
CCT3680 Conductive copper foil 80mic
CCT4690 Conductive copper foil 90mic
CCT56100 Conductive copper foil 100mic

Applications of Copper Conductive Tape

1.Electrical connection between surfaces (sheets / foils)

2.Mounting transparent foils, windows for EMI / RFI shielding

3.Shielding in housings and Faraday cages

4.Cable shielding (Wrap around the cable)

5.Temporary shielding during emission and immunity tests

6.Anti-static floor (ESD floor)

7.EMI / RFI shielding (EMI / RFI shielding tape /gasket)

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