Flag Tricolor Color Film Sticker

Flag tricolor color film sticker , high temperature resistance, surface anti-fouling UV tearing does not leave residual glue, does not hurt paint. It can be used for more than 3 years and can be removed without leaving residual glue.
A variety of, free to play! Can be installed in the safe, car cover, roof, rear trunk, rear bumper, door, fender and other sides! The three colors are complete, no collage.

Details of Flag Tricolor Color Film Sticker

Material: PVC film + glue +double sided coated paper

Size: 15mm x 25m

Average life: 2-3 years

Weight: 10kg/rolls

Paste method: Dry paste

Special Note: The temperature of the hot air gun does not exceed 80 degrees Celsius, the compact medium car requires 15-18 meters for the whole car and 20 meters for the SUV.

Features of Flag Tricolor Color Film Sticker

Waterproof and sunscreen

No shrinkage

No fading

No damage to car paint

No glue left

Application of Flag Tricolor Color Film Sticker

Suitable for automotive parts such as car hoods, tails, surrounds, central control panels, handles, fuel tank caps and support plates; Automotive exterior packaging, automotive interior packaging; Mobile phones, computers and other electronic products.

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