Gaffer Tape

Gaffer tape is using matte surface cloth as backing material and coated with hot melt adhesive. Gaffer tape can be widely used for pipe wrapping, carpet fixing, heavy duty packaging, book binding, frame sealing, protecting, etc.

Details of Gaffer Tape

Backing: Matte surface cloth
Adhesive: Hot melt adhesive 
Color: Red / Blue / Yellow / White / Green / Brown, etc.
Size: 1020mm x 500m (Jumbo roll size)
          1020mm x 50m (Log roll size)
          50mm x 50m or customized (Cut roll size)
Non-reflective & matte
Multi colors
Waterproof, anti corrosion, no glue residue
Highly conformable & high viscosity
Excellent flexibility & Easy to tear

Applications of Gaffer Tape

Used for holding wiring, lighting, stage props and color code, for A/V, TV, photography, theatrical, motion picture industry, bookbinding, etc.

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