Hockey Tape

Hockey tape is using polyester cloth as the backing material and coated with hot melt adhesive. It has the advantages that the friction force of the racket is increased by the hockey adhesive tape, and the speed and the power of the batting are enhanced. It is widely used for sports equipment, such as clubs, rackets, etc.

Details of Hockey Tape

Material: Polyester cloth
Colors: White, black, green, blue, red, etc
Thickness: 0.31mm±0.05mm
Size: 25mm x 20m/25m or custom size
Adhesive: Hot melt
Features: High tension, strong toughness, lasting viscosity, not easy to glue residue, tightly wound, anti-skid and wear-resistant

Features of Hockey Tape

Technical Data of Hockey Tape

Model HT
Adhesive Hot melt
Material 50% polyester +50% cotton
Total thickness 190g+10g/m2
Initial tack 17#
Peel Adhesion >2N/cm
Tensile strength 60N/cm
Holding power <2.5mm

Applications of Hockey Tape

It is used to bind the club and racket, increase friction, protect the club and make it wear-resistant; for hockey sticks, baseball sticks, badminton sticks, etc.

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