Luminous Tape

Luminous tape is using soft PVC film, PET film or acrylic PMMA as backing materials and coated with rubber based adhesive. The films are using chemical molecular structure, by absorbing ultraviolet light or visible light (sunlight, lighting, etc.) to achieve the self luminous function in the dark. Photo luminescent escape indication strip is mainly used in exit routes, security exists, evacuation exits, evacuation warnings, etc.

Details of Luminous Tape

Backing: PVC film / PET film / Acrylic PMMA
Adhesive: Pressure sensitive adhesive
Luminous lifetime: 6h-8h
Colors: Fluorescent green / light green / red / orange, etc
Bright colors
Support customization
Keep glowing
Waterproof & high temperature resistant
High viscosity

Structure Image of Luminous Tape

Contrast of Day and Night Colors

Applications of Photo Luminescent Escape Indication Strip

1. Position indicators: it can be cut into different shapes for the object: switch appliances, remote control panel, wall switch, plug, lock, door handle, handrail, fire extinguishers etc.
2. Safety signs: they can be used in the following locations for safety instructions and warning functions such as emergency evacuation routes, subway stations, railway stations, airports, docks, Cara OK hall, cinemas, hospitals, etc.

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