Mylar Tape

Mylar tape is using polyester film as backing material and coated with solvent acrylic adhesive. It is flame retardant and many colors are available. It is used for insulating electric and electronic components.

Details of Mylar Tape

Material: PET film
Adhesive: Solvent acrylic adhesive
Color: Red / Dark yellow / Black / Orange / Pink / White / Light yellow / Green / Blue
Thickness: 0.05mm/0.055mm/0.06mm/0.08mm/0.11mm
Size: 1060mm x 2000m(Jumbo roll size)
          1060mm x 66m or customized (Log roll size)
          10mm/20mm x 66m or customized (Cut roll size)

Features of Mylar Tape

Technical Data of Mylar Tape

Carrier Polyester film
Adhesive Coated with acrylic adhesive
Description Test result Unit
Total thickness 50±2 mic
Carrier thickness 25 mic
Adhesive thickness 25 mic
Tension Strength 3 KN/M
Elongation at break 45 %
Peel adhesion 300 N/25mm
Breakdown voltage 4.2 KV
Coefficient of heat-resistant -10~+130 °C

It is suitable for insulation and fixing of various motors and electronic components such as transformers, capacitors, relays, voltage regulators, motors, etc., motor stator coil covering, motor coil fixing, power transformer coil wrapping and outer insulation, and circuit board impregnation process. In the middle, cover the part of the gold finger to prevent the immersion and pollution of the electroplating solution, and protect the circuit board.

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