Nano Gel Pad Traceless Magic Stickers

Nano Gel Pad Traceless Magic Stickers, Multifunctional Washable Reusable Universal Nano Collection Line Magic Stickers, Anti-Slip Pads for Car Cell-Phone Office,Square & Flower Shape.

Details of Nano Gel Pad Traceless Magic Stickers

Adhesive type: Pressure sensitive
Colors: Transparent or custom printing
Shape: Square, circle, flower
Pattern: Can customize any pattern you want
Size: 5cmx 5cm Round/Square 
5.5cmx5.5cm Flower
Commodity weight: 45g
Package: One piece/bag
Package size: 12cmx13.5cmx1cm

Advantages of Nano Gel Pad Traceless Magic Stickers

1. Free-toxic:
A premium nano rubber harmless tape made Friendly harmless for your hand skin body. New formulations and new designs make them stronger, more sticky, and better.Durable elastomer and no break.

2. Multi uses:
It can stick anything anywhere, for example your phone,ipad,key,camera,speaker,or various small device and items. It can stick to glass,metal,wood,plastic, tile, leather no sticky traces. It can collect headphones, chargers, small items, etc. To help you become more tidy and more convenient to find what you need.

3. Multi choices:
Available in three different package combinations, Square & Round , Round & flower shape, Square & flower shape.

4. Easy to install:
Remove the protective film and attach it directly to the surface of the object. Press it on the multi-function sticker to attach it to the surface of the object without falling off. It can washable reusable.

5. Intimate storage design:
It can be a Cell Phone Holder for Car, sticky machine seat,High temperature resistance, no deformation, lasting and durable.

Applications of Nano Gel Pad Traceless Magic Stickers

Can be used as a mobile phone without trace adhesive, Can also be used to store headphones and small items, very convenient.You don’t worry about the marks appear after removing any other sticky pads, as our product is easy to move, carry and don’t leave any marks.

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