Permanent Bag Sealing Tape

Permanent bag sealing tape is used PET film as backing material. The wide size is solvent acrylic glue and narrow side is hot melt glue or water acrylic.

Details of Permanent Bag Sealing Tape

Adhesive: Solvent acrylic glue + hot melt glue or water acrylic
Liner: PET / Pearlescent film
Features: Good adhesion, good retention, reusable, no degumming, no glue residue, easy to tear

Models of Permanent Bag Sealing Tape

Part No. Release Liner Width Adhesive Width Backing Width Length Rolls/Carton
PBS12 12mm 6mm/10mm 10mm 500m 10
PBS15 15mm 8mm/12mm 12mm 500m 10
PBS18 18mm 10mm/14mm 14mm 500m 10
PBS36 36mm 20mm/28 28mm 500m 5

Technical Data of Permanent Bag Sealing Tape

Model PBS15
Adhesive Environmental friendly pressure-sensitive adhesive
Carrier PET film 12mm
Liner White PP film 15mm
Total thickness 0.17mm (170micron)
Adhesive width of A/B side 8mm/12mm
Carton quantity 500m x 10 rolls

Applications of Permanent Bag Sealing Tape

For express bags, postal bags, election bags, confidential bags, foam envelope bags, bubble bags, overweight bags, etc.

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