Photoluminescent Escape Indication Tape

Photoluminescent escape indication tape is using soft PVC film or PET film as backing material and coated with acrylic adhesive.The film using chemical molecular structure, formed by the processing of rare earth elements in aluminate materials, by absorbing ultraviolet light or visible light (sunlight, lighting, etc.) to achieve the self luminous function in the dark.

Details of Photoluminescent Escape Indication Tape

Backing: PVC film/PET film

Paper liner: White paper liner

Adhesive: Acrylic adhesive

Color: Light green

Size: 1.24M*45.7M (Jumbo roll size)

         40MM*10M/80MM*10M (Cut roll size)

Technical Data of Photoluminescent Escape Indication Tape

Part No. Color Adhesive  Backing material Luminous duration
PEIS Light green Acrylic adhesive PVC film 6-8 hours
PEIST Light green Acrylic adhesive PET film 6-8 hours

Applications of Photoluminescent Escape Indication Tape

1.Position indicators: it can be cut into different shapes for the object: switch appliances, remote control panel, wall switch, plug, lock, door handle, handrail, fire extinguishers etc.
2.Safety signs: they can be used in the following locations for safety instructions and warning functions such as emergency evacuation routes, subway stations, railway stations, airports, docks, karaokehall, cinemas, hospitals, etc.

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