Road Reflective Marking Tape

The high-performance highway reflective marking tape is pre-made with a unique process and has excellent traffic control capabilities. It is a new type of road traffic marking tape.

Details of Road Reflective Marking Tape

Structure: Glass microspheres + Synthetic resin + Tape substrate + Adhesive

Adhesive: Rubber

Size: 150mm/200mm x 33m/55m or customized

Color: Yellow/ White

Features of Road Reflective Marking Tape

1. Super reflective: high-quality bonding paint is used, and the surface of the convex unit is coated with a reflective unit with high refractive index

2. Has good wear resistance

3. Strong adhesion, good weather resistance

4. Convenient construction and long service life

Applications of Road Reflective Marking Tape

It is applied to the edge line of the roadway; the traffic warning before entering the urban densely populated section; the area where the driving speed is controlled by the community, the terminal, the airport, the toll station, the parking lot, etc.; the low-speed driving section of the vehicle in the plant area; Road edge line; highway deceleration marking; cross-section of the cross-section of the cross-section of the cross-section; there are dangerous sections such as corners, narrow roads and obstacles on the road.

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