Single Sided EPDM Foam Tape

Single sided EPDM foam tape is using EPDM foam as backing material and coated with solvent acrylic and hot melt adhesive.

Details of Single Sided EPDM Foam Tape

Liner: White / Yellow / Brown / Green trunk paper

          Green / Blue / Red film

Adhesive: Hot melt / Solvent acrylic

Foam color: White/ Grey/ Black

Technical Data of Single Sided EPDM Foam Tape

Part No. Backing Adhesive Thickness
SEP05M EPDM foam Hot melt 5mm
SEP05 EPDM foam Solvent acrylic 5mm
SEP08M EPDM foam Hot melt 8mm
SEP08 EPDM foam Solvent acrylic 8mm
SEP10M EPDM foam Hot melt 10mm
SEP10 EPDM foam Solvent acrylic 10mm

Applications of Single Sided EPDM Foam Tape

For sealant and die cutting 
For die cut, cushioning, shockproof and sealing
For pipeline wrapping for air conditions, auto trim attachment, door sealing strips, etc.

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