Spooling Tape

We can do spool type tape: double sided tissue tape, double sided PE foam tape, bag sealing tape, permanent bag sealing tape.

Features of Spooling Tape

Backing: Tissue, PE, PET,

Glue: Hot melt adhesive / Solvent

Technical Data of Spooling Tape

Tape Size
Double sided tissue tape 6mmX3000m or customized
Double sided PE foam tape 6mmX12000m or customized
Bag sealing tape 15mm x 4mm/6mm x 10000m or customized
Permanent bag sealing tape 12mmx6mm/9mmx5000m or customized

Applications of Spooling Tape

* Prevents corrosion of two dissimilar materials;

* Aids in relieving forces caused by thermal expansion and contraction between bonded parts;

* Mounting emblems and ornamentation;

* Reduces noise, vibration;

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