Tile Beauty Seam Sticker

The beautiful seam line tape is a shiny, high-quality cast copper material, which is very firmly pasted. The pasted surface of the carbon-coated aluminum foil uses a wire drawing process with a textured surface.

Details of Tile Beauty Seam Sticker

Backing: Metal Copper/PVC
Adhesive: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Size: 5mm/10mm/20mm x 50m
Color: Gold foil, silver foil, dumb gold
Features: Easy to paste, no warping, high abrasion resistance

Technical Data of Tile Beauty Seam Sticker

Product Name Tile Beauty Seam Sticker Code TG2D100#2/S1037
Structure PET brushed gold fabric + Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive + 100G white background
Surface Matetial Liner
Matetial Name Brushed PET aluminized film Matetial Name 100G white background
Thickness(mm) 0.095±0.002 Thickness 0.1±0.005
Basic Weight(g/㎡) 133±5 Basic Weight(g/㎡) 93±5
Component Aluminized PET polyester film Component Fiber
Color Gold+Aluminized Color White
Smoothness Good Smoothness Good
Printablity Good Printablity Good
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Adhesive Base Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive Holding Power >12h
Thickness(mm) 0.023±0.003 Temperature/4H 10°C-80°C
Initial Adhesion(N/mm) 800gf Weathering 12 months
Peel Adhesion at 180° 300.000mm/min 550-750gf Solvent Resistance Good

Application of Tile Beauty Seam Sticker

Apply to the decoration of ceramic tile floor and wall.

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