Waterproof Leakage Repair Tape

Waterproof leakage repair tape is based on the strong rubberized material. It can be used to patch, bond, seal and repair. The waterproof patch seals tightly over leaks or cracks creating an airtight barrier with a good performance.

Details of Waterproof Leakage Repair Tape

Color: Black/Clear

Material: PET Film + Rubber

Size: 10cm x 1.5m or customized

Features: Waterproof, environmentally friendly, super strong adhesive

Applications of Waterproof Leakage Repair Tape

Smooth surface – pipe, hose, plastic, PVC, glass, tile, iron;
Can patch, bond, seal and repair;
Used for repair water pipes or leaky containers;
Applied to hot or cold, wet or dry condition.

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