Felt Tape

Felt tape has superior aesthetics, sound absorption, non-slip, cushioning and superior adhesion, bright colors, good hand feeling, heat preservation and moisture resistance, no fleece, friction resistance, flat and no gaps, and is more convenient to use because of its stickiness.

Details of Felt Tape

Material: Polyester felt cloth
Adhesive: Water acrylic adhesive
Product viscosity: High viscosity
Color: Black
Thickness: 0.5mm/1mm/1.5mm/2mm
Width: 10mm-150mm
Length: 10m
Temperature resistant: 80°C
Good initial viscosity
Soft and docile
High temperature resistance
Oil resistance
Flame retardant
Good shock absorption and sealing
Support customization: Customized size

Applications of Felt Tape

It is suitable for sound insulation and noise reduction of car thresholds, speaker packaging, car trunk mats, anti-skid process bases, anti-skid assembly lines, anti-collision turnover boxes, etc.

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