Invisible Stationery Tape

Invisible tape is a milky white product, not a literally transparent color. It is mainly used to repair the paper after a hole on the surface of the paper. The surface can be written on (the surface of the scotch tape cannot be written), without too much trace, and there is no shadow when copying.

Details of Invisible Stationery Tape

Material: Bopp film
Color: Milky
Tape width: 10mm-1050mm
Tape length: 10m/25m/33m/66m or custom
Easy transfer & easy to tear
No noise when tearing
Can writable
High viscosity
Good toughness

What Kind of Paper and Ink Can Be Copied

Applications of Invisible Stationery Tape

It can be used in a wide range. In addition to paper repair and copy fonts, it is also used for resin lens injection molding, printed matter testing, printed circuit board surface screen printing fastness testing, screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping surface fastness testing, spray paint, electric wave surface fastness Testing, production, packaging and positioning.

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