Packing Tape Dispenser

Handle Type Packing Tape dispensers in PAC KING are using plastic – PP, ABS, PS, HIPS , metal blade , Cement / Sand as the materials, and the serrated blade cuts tape cleanly. It is mainly used for industrial and office.

Models of Packing Tape Dispenser

Description of Packing Tape Dispenser

Description of Packing Tape Dispenser


Blue, red, etc

Custom Color


Tape Size

2 inches, 3inches


Plastic-PP, ABS, PS, HIPS, metal blade

Tape Dispenser Type

With/without handle


Supply logo printing


1. Serrated blade cuts tape cleanly
2. Easily tear the tape
3. The blade of dispenser in sharp but safe


Carton sealing, for Industrial and office using, etc

Details of Packing Tape Dispenser


Applications of Packing Tape Dispenser

For cutting packing tape.

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