Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Manual water-activated tape(gummed paper tape) dispenser (for non reinforced paper tape & reinforced paper tape)  machine is applicable for the tape with width range of 30-80mm, less than or equal to 170mm of paper roll diameter. The dispensing length can be adjusted by specific demands.

Details of Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Description of Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Color: Green(standard color) or customized colors

Machine Size: 32cm x 10.3cm x 13.3cm

Net Weight of Machine: 0.6kg/piece

Suitable Tape Types: Externally coated kraft paper tape/ Internally coated kraft paper tape

Suitable Tape Specification: Width 30mm-80mm, diameter ≤170mm

* Durable
* Easy to use by hand
* High performance
* Quality stable

How to Use the Dispenser

Packaging of Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Outer Packaging

1 pc/box, 12 boxes/carton

Box Size(Length*Width*Height)

450mm* 110mm*145mm

Gross Weight/Box


Carton Size(Length*Width*Height)


Gross Weight/Carton


Applications of Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Mainly used for carton sealing. 
Notice: If it is found that the non-stick situation is mostly the wet water is not in place, or too much wet water.

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