Pre-taped Masking Film

Pre-taped masking film is using HDPE film and crepe paper tape as backing material and coated with rubber adhesive. It is used for painting shelter usage.
SMT601 for general usage, room and construction painting shelter ; SMT801 for car painting usage.

Features of Pre-taped Masking Film


Self static cling film

Easy to tear off by hand

Heat resistance up to 80℃

Customized sizes available

Technical Data of Pre-taped Masking Film

Part No. SMT601
Standard film width 550/ 660/1050/1100/1500/ 2000mm
Special film width 450/900/1200/1400/2100/2700mm
Length 17m/20m/33m/etc.
Tape width 18mm
Temperature resistance 60~80℃
Color white/light yellow/yellow, etc

Applications of Pre-taped Masking Film

Pre-taped masking film is used for room and construction painting shelter ; car painting usage.

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