PVC Air Conditioner Tape

This tape is produced with high-quality PVC materials and advanced technological processes. It has outstanding flame-retardant, tensile and anti-aging properties. It is the supporting products for the majority of air conditioner manufacturers and solar energy.

Details of PVC Air Conditioner Tape

Color: beige/white/red/blue/black, etc.
Options: plain/no grain
Thickness: 130mic/180mic/110mic
Temperature resistance: 180°C

Features of PVC Air Conditioner Tape

* Strong tensile strength, not easy to break
* Waterproof and moisture-proof, prolong the life of the copper pipe
* Fireproof and flame retardant, self-extinguishing away from the fire
* Anti-aging
* Good heat preservation performance
* High sealing degree, not easy to appear hollow phenomenon
* Suitable for various brands of air-conditioning pipes

Applications of PVC Air Conditioner Tape

Used for wrapping air conditioning pipes, insulation pipes, solar pipes, water pipes, etc.

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