Anti-Mold Sticker

Anti-mold sticker, peeled, no residue, strong adhesion, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, natural and non-toxic green anti-mold tablets, chemical reaction generated by absorbing moisture in the air, releasing ozone, carbon dioxide Such as killing bacteria, fungi, mold, to inhibit the growth of fungi, the purpose of protecting leather products. This product is a mildew-proof product for food-grade applications. It is safe and environmentally friendly. It does not contain heavy metals and is free of dimethyl fumarate.

Features of Anti-Mold Sticker

Stickiness: Medium viscosity

Substrate: PE environmentally friendly material 

Heat resistant temperature:Normal temperature

Technical Data of Anti-Mold Sticker

Colour Thickness Width Length
Green, Blue 1mm 25mm 50mm

Application of Anti-Mold Sticker

Used in shoes, handbags, food, medicine, leather, textiles, furniture, toys, high-precision electronics and other products.

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