Hot Melt BOPP Packaging Tape

Hot melt BOPP packaging tape is coated with pressure sensitive adhesive. PAC King can supply the total thickness from 48 micron to 73 micron.

Features of Hot Melt BOPP Packaging Tape

Backing: BOPP film

Adhesive: Hot melt

Color: Transparent / Super transparent / Brown/ Red / Yellow / Green and etc.

Size: 1280mmx4000m (Jumbo roll size)

         1280mmx50m/100m/etc (Log roll size)

         48mmx50m or customized (Cut roll size)

Technical Data of Hot Melt BOPP Packaging Tape

Part No. Adhesive Total Thickness
BP48M Hot melt 48mic
BP49M Hot melt 49mic
BP50M Hot melt 50mic
BP51M Hot melt 51mic

Applications of Hot Melt BOPP Packaging Tape

BOPP packaging tape can be used for medium & heavy carton sealing, for general industrial, food, medical pharmaceutical, paper, print, electronics and distribution centers; packing for food and drinks in supermarket; box/carton sealing, daily use, industry use, office use. Ideal for sealing of cartons, boxes, merchandise, pallets, shipping, packaging, bundling, wrapping.

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