AGV Navigation Magnetic Strip Tape

The AGV navigation magnetic strip is made of soft magnetic material, which is made of bonded ferrite powder and synthetic rubber, and is made by calendering and other processes. It is flexible and elastic, and can be twisted. The back is mounted with double-sided tape.

It is mainly used as a magnetic navigation line laid on the ground to guide the operation of automatic guided vehicle AGV, automatic trolley AGC, and trackless mobile shelf.

Details of AGV Navigation Magnetic Strip Tape

Backing: Soft magnetic material
Adhesive: Rubber
Size: 1.2mm x 50mm x 25m
1.2mm x 30mm x 50m
Option: With adhesive, without adhesive
1. Patch-type magnetic strip tape
The floor is kept dry and free of dust. After the adhesive film is torn open, it is attached to the ground and kept for 8 hours to work( the imported glue for 12 hours ).
2. Buried magnetic strip tape
The ground needs to be slotted, and a 0.55mm error is reserved. The embedded magnetic strip tape is embedded and the work is completed. For example, the slot position of 6*10mm is 6.5*10.5mm.

Features of AGV Navigation Magnetic Strip Tape

1. Strong flexibility, bendable and folded without affecting magnetism
2. Strong magnetic force, not easy to demagnetize
3. High safety, environmental protection and strong rust resistance
4. The scope of application is 10℃-50℃
5. Good plasticity and can be cut arbitrarily
6. The ground side is covered with glue for easy laying

Technical Data of AGV Navigation Magnetic Strip Tape

Remanence  2000 GS
Coercive force 145 KA/m
Internal coercivity 160 KA/m
Maximum magnetic energy product 80 9.6KJ/m3
Density 3.8 g/cm3
Working temperature -10 – 50 °C
Curie temperature 150 °C

Applications of AGV Navigation Magnetic Strip Tape

AGV navigation magnetic strip tape is mainly used as ground magnetic navigation line to guide the operation of automatic navigation vehicle AGV, automatic trolley AGC and trackless mobile shelves.

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