Rubber Magnetic Stripe Tape

It is one of the ferrite magnetic material series. It is made of bonded ferrite magnetic powder and synthetic rubber through extrusion molding, calendering molding, injection molding and other processes. It is flexible, elastic and twistable magnet.

Details of Rubber Magnetic Stripe Tape

Size: 30mm x 1m, 80mm x 30m
Material: Rubber magnet powder
Type: With adhesive, without adhesive
1. Stable performance without demagnetization
2. High flexibility
3. Low temperature and high temperature resistance,
4. Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, migration resistance
5. It can be processed into strips, rolls, flakes, blocks, rings and various complex shapes

Features of Rubber Magnetic Stripe Tape

Technical Data of Rubber Magnetic Stripe Tape

Tape length 8m
Tape width 20mm
Tape thickness 1.5mm±0.1mm
Density 3.8
Remanence 225-255T
Coercivity 171-203KA/M
Maximum magnetic energy product 11.2-12.8KJ/m3
Gauss 283Ф
Temperature resistance 80°C

Applications of Rubber Magnetic Stripe Tape

1. Refrigerators, message billboards, fixing objects to metal bodies for the fastening of advertisements, etc., used as magnetic sheets for toys, teaching equipment, switches and sensors.
2. Used in industries such as micromotors, refrigerators, disinfection cabinets, kitchen cabinets, toys, stationery, and advertising.

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