Carpet Anti-slip Stickers

The Carpet anti-slip stickers is a self-adhesive, non-marking, anti-slip, shockproof and waterproof adhesive. No residual glue, no damage to the floor surface, can be repeatedly cleaned, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly.

Base Material: Transparent PET film+ solvent acrylic adhesive

Size: 135*25mm (can be customized)

* Waterproof, non-slip
* No residual glue
* No damage to the floor surface
* Repeated washing and use
* Non-toxic, tasteless
* Safe and environmentally friendly


Technical Data of Carpet Anti-slip Stickers

Tear Strength: >50N/cm

Heat Resistance: >100℃

Tensile Strength: >0.6MPa

ESD Features:1010~1012(Ω·cm)

UV radiation resistant yellowing series: ≥4grade

Base Material Color: Light yellow transparent

Co-Efficient of Friction: Coefficient of friction >1.5

Anti Microbia: Mildew grade: 0~1 (basically no mold)

Chemical Resistance: Water resistant, weak acid resistant, weak base

Toxicity: No inhalation is harmful; prolonged skin contact is unlikely to cause absorption to reach harmful levels; large amounts of swallowing may cause damage.

Applications of Carpet Anti-slip Stickers

Suitable for home, school, apartment, office, hotel, etc. The back of the carpet is compounded to provide anti-slip effect and better care and protection for children walking on the ground. A real safety multiplier.

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