Anti Slip Tape

Anti slip tape is using PVC/ PET/ PEVA/ Aluminium foil film as backing material and coated with solvent acrylic adhesive/ water acrylic adhesive. Mainly used for sticking on the bathroom, stairs, walking areas, ships, irregular concave and convex surfaces, construction vehicles etc. It plays a role of anti slip and can avoid fall accidents.

Details of Anti Slip Tape

Features of Anti Slip Tape

Technical Data of Anti Slip Tape

We can do different material/thickness/sand grit, the following is for reference only
Part No.
Backing thickness
Backing material
PVC film
Sand grit
Solvent acrylic adhesive
Initial tack 14#steel ball
≥ 25 N/100mm
Peel adhesion to steel
>7.5 N/25mm
Tensile strength
>100 N/25mm

Types of Anti Slip Tape

Applications of Anti Slip Tape

Used for stairs, bathroom, scooters, slip slide, walking areas, ships and industrial areas, tape can glow in dark.

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