Butyl Rubber Sealant Strip

The butyl rubber sealant strip is a solvent-free, cold-applied, self-adhesive waterproof adhesive tape made of polymer materials, with a thickness of 4mm and a construction temperature of 0-4.5°C. It has good air tightness, water tightness, and adhesion It is used for the bonding and sealing treatment of air conditioning duct flange mouth, the bonding and sealing treatment of flue joints, and the sealing treatment of wall holes.

Details of Butyl Rubber Sealant Strip

Color: Black

Backing: Butyl rubber

Adhesive: Rubber

Thickness: 4mm

Width: 1cm/ 1.5cm/ 2cm/ 2.5cm/ 3cm

Length: 5m

High Temperature Resistance: 280°C

Features of Butyl Rubber Sealant Strip

* Good air tightness

* Good plasto-elastic properties

* Waterproof insulation

* Strong adhesion

* Fire and heat resistance

* No need to surface preparation

Applications of Butyl Rubber Sealant Strip

1.Adhesion and sealing treatment of air-conditioning duct flange mouth
2.Bonding and sealing treatment at the flue joints
3.The sealing treatment of the wall hole
4.Automobile, door and window industry

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