Eyelash Extension Tape

Eyelash extension tape is using non-woven fabric as material and coated with pressure sensitive adhesive. This tape is suitable for Makeup Salon, Cosmetics Studio, Makeup Artist, professional use and personal use. This is a must have accessory for the application of eyelash extensions!

Details of Eyelash Extension Tape

Backing Material: Non-woven fabric

Color: Green/Pink or customized

Adhesive: Pressure sensitive adhesive

Size: 12.5mm x 9m

Package: One roll package with clear plastic bag, several rolls package in the box

* Easy to tear
* Comfortable and breathable
* Non-irritating, hypoallergenic, does not hurt the skin

Technical Data of Eyelash Extension Tape

Eyelash Extension Tape Technical Data


Non-woven fabric


Pressure sensitive adhesive

Adhesive Thickness


Initial Tack

≥3# (Steel Ball no.)

Peel Adhesion at 180°


Holding Power

30min sliding displacement ≤2.5mm

Applications of Eyelash Extension Tape

1.Grafting and isolating eyelashes

2.Lift your lower eyelids. Replace the traditional fresh and breathable, do not harm the skin.

3.Reinforced eye patch

4.Can use it as eye patch

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