PVC Sandblasting Protective Film

This tape is coated with solvent acrylic adhesive, with strong adhesion, no glue left, and easy to use. It is suitable for ordinary, more demanding glass painting, sandblasting and carving. Can high temperature resistance, especially for deep carving process and colder weather in winter.

Details of PVC Sandblasting Protective Film

PVC Sandblasting Protective Film Adhesion: Medium adhesion
Color: yellow/ white/ green Backing: PVC
Thickness: 100mic – 500mic Adhesive: Solvent acrylic adhesive
Width: 60mm – 1240mm Heat-resistant temperature: Normal temp/ High temp
Length: 50m Support customization: Yes

Features of PVC Sandblasting Protective Film

Easy to peel & No residue

Anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance

High temperature resistance

High viscosity, good adhesion, no brittle film in winter

No stripping in summer, stable quality

Application of PVC Sandblasting Protective Film

Used for the protection of mirror surface, glass sandblasting and coloring engraving pattern fonts, marble engraving, ceramic tile engraving, timber engraving, tombstone engraving, etc.

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