Back to Back Velcro Strips

The back to back velcro strips surface and the hook surface (A+B) are compounded so that the hair hook is not on the same side. Used for wire and cable, fiber optic cable, toys, electronic appliances, etc. Can also be designed according to customer requirements. It can also print company LOGO, website and advertising promotion information.

Details of Back to Back Velcro Strips

Material: Nylon hook + magic cloth

Thickness: 1mm

Size: 10mm x 3m

          15mm x 3m/ 5m

          20mm x 3m/ 5m or customized size

Color: Black/ White/ Blue/ Green/ Yellow/ Red

Printing: 1000m (MOQ) with logo printing,  MOQ: 100 Rolls

Features of Back to Back Velcro Strips

* Can be reused, can be cut

* Free binding, not easy to fall off

* Both front and back can be used

* Thick suede, smooth to the touch

* Hook face won’t get stuck

Application of Back to Back Velcro Strips

Used to wires and cables, flber optic cables, toys, electronic appliances, etc.

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