Invisible Body Clothing Tape

Body clothing tape is kind of waterproof and invisible double sided tape. This tape is skin-friendly. Mainly used in lingerie and clothing to prevent clothing from falling off.

Details of Invisible Body Clothing Tape

Color: Clear

Backing: PET film

Thickness: 95mic

Size: 16mm x 5m

Dispenser size: 75mm x 24mm x 100mm

* Eco-Friendly & Disposable
* Double sided adhesive
* Invisible transparent
* Breathable & skin-friendly

How to Use Invisible Body Clothing Tape

1. Cut the required length of tape from the dispenser

2. Stick the tape where it is needed

3. Remove the protective paper

4. Press clothes to make tape and clothes fit

Application of Invisible Body Clothing Tape

* Avoid the clothing fall off
* Perfect for quick hemming and other emergency repairs
* Temporary protection when wearing new shoes

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