Cork Tape

Cork tape is made of high-quality cork as the base material, unique technology, imported pressure-sensitive adhesive, and coated. It fully complies with EU environmental protection standards, with moderate viscosity and smooth end surface.

Details of Cork Tape

Regular size: 15mm/22mm/25mm*1-3m
Jumbo roll size: 1350mm x 120y/130y
Adhesive: environmental protection super glue
Material: cork + cloth
Cork cloth composition: 53% cork + 45% tc cloth + 2% glue (conventional TC cloth bottom, PU bottom, or thick cloth, generally use TC cloth bottom)
Cork tape surface process: bronzing, printing, branding, laser, etc

* Natural environmental protection, biodegradable
* Premium cork
* Good workmanship
* Long-lasting stickiness, reusable
* Good elasticity
* Moisture-proof heat insulation 

Types of Cork Tape

Applications of Cork Tape

DIY, gift packaging, handmade, toy matching, children’s intelligence development, interior decoration, scenic spots promotion, gifts, etc.

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