Kitchen Oil Proof Waterproof Tape Sticker

The kitchen oil-proof sticker is made of environmentally friendly and healthy materials, which will not cause adverse effects on the human body. Its water and oil resistance is excellent, so you don’t have to worry about oil stains sticking to the wall after sticking it. Its bright colors, do not fade, maintain the characteristics of beautiful and clean. The oil-proof sticker is of good quality and the material is very durable, with a long use time, and no warping, high temperature resistance and no deformation.

Details of Kitchen Oil Proof Sticker

Color: Silver/Gold
Width: 30cm/40cm/60cm/120cm
Length: 1m/3m/5m/10m (can be customized according to customer requirements)
Adhesive: Self adhesive

Features of Kitchen Oil Proof Sticker

Structure Image of Kitchen Oil Proof Sticker

Applications of Kitchen Oil Proof Sticker

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