Mildewproof Tape

Home sinks are generally fixed on the countertop with silicone during installation. Over time, water stains will leak into the silicone, resulting in blackening or mildew. This waterproof and mildew-proof tape can be attached to the joint between the sink and the countertop. It is moisture-proof, mildew-proof, easy to scrub, and can also be used as a tape at the seam between the gas stove and the countertop.

Features of Mildewproof Tape

Paste firmly
Waterproof & Anti-fouling
Arbitrary cutting
Crease fit
Environmentally friendly material
Smooth surface & Easy to scrub

Technical Data of Mildewproof Tape

Material Description Waterproof test project
Backing: PVC Adhesive: Acrylic traceless glue Grade 4 Number of pendulum openings(pc) 34
 Thickness Backing: 0.8mm Total water flow(L/min) 2.38
Glue: 0.5mm Swing The vertical line is 180°, and the total swing is 720°, about 12s.
Total: 1.3mm Test time(min) 10
Color Clear/white Size Width 38mm
Shelf life 3 years Length 3200mm

Applications of Mildewproof Tape

This tape is suitable for sealing and decoration in the kitchen, bathroom, sink side, toilet rim, washbasin, bathtub, gutter, corner and cabin edge, etc.

How to Use at Right Angles

How to Use It in the Corner

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