Road Preformed Marking Tape

Road preformed marking tape, also known as adhesive marking tape and road tape, is a new type of material used for road marking, with the advantages of environmental protection, durability, beauty, and convenient construction.

Details of Road Preformed Marking Tape

Base material: High molecular flexible polymer, pigment, glass microspheres
Color: White, yellow, red, blue, customized pattern
Thickness:15mm, 18mm
Width: 10cm/15cm (can be customized)
Length: 35m/40m (can be customized)
Viscosity: High viscosity
Support customization: Size
Good reflective properties, anti-slip properties, flexibility, weather resistance, self-cleaning properties, easy construction

Features of Road Preformed Marking Tape

Color of Road Preformed Marking Tape

Applications of Road Preformed Marking Tape

Ordinary road traffic markings; text, arrows, graphics, etc.; warnings in dangerous areas; residential areas, docks, airports, toll stations, parking lots, etc.

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