High Indensity Grade Reflective Tape

High indensity grade reflective tape is to coat acrylic adhesive on the reflective layer. High intensity grade reflective tape is mainly used for warning in roads, cars, boats, waterways, stage, a variety of channels and related machinery & equipment, etc.

Features of High Indensity Grade Reflective Tape

Release Liner: Film liner & Paper liner

  A.)Film liner: Clear color

  B.)Paper liner: White color

Backing: PET film and acrylic

Single Color: Red/ Blue/ Green/ Yellow/ White/ Orange

Double Color: Red& White

Size: 1.22*45.7m(Log roll size)

         50mm*45.7m(Cut roll size)

Model of High Indensity Grade Reflective Tape

Part No. Material Thickness
PK1100 PET 0.37mm±0.01mm
PK1800 Acrylic 0.37mm±0.01mm

Applications of High Indensity Grade Reflective Tape

High intensity grade reflective tape is widely used to be stuck onto vehicles such as trucks, trailers, tankers, flatbeds, tractors for a conspicuity purpose.

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