PVC Edge Banding Strip

PVC edge banding strip is an ideal product for edge banding, closing and decoration of a new generation of high-end furniture. It has good surface wear resistance, good aging resistance and good flexibility. Fracture phenomenon.

Details of PVC Edge Banding Strip

Material: PVC
Adhesive: Hot melt
Product viscosity: High viscosity
Color: Multicolor
Thickness: 1mm/1.5mm
Width: 16mm/18mm
Length: 5m-200m
Temperature resistant: High temperature
Features: Strong wear resistance, realistic texture, strong viscosity, uniform thickness, strong toughness, firm edge banding, etc

Applications of PVC Edge Banding Strip

Furniture manufacturing, engineering construction, decoration, etc.

Matters Needing Attention

Heat gun edge banding:
1. Use a heat gun with a power of 1600-1800W. You can blow the blower at a distance of 2-3cm from the front side of the side strips (the temperature can be slightly softened according to the eye).
2. The distance between the gun muzzle and the side base can be adjusted appropriately to control the temperature. After each blowing section, stop and press the side case by hand.
3. After pressing and cooling for 10 minutes, use it to pull it, and it is qualified if it cannot be pulled off (pressing with hands after blowing until soft is the key).

Iron edge banding:
1. Use ordinary steam or dry irons (do not add water to use hot steam, dry ironing is required).
2. Adjust to the “wool” left and right gears and press to move forward (pressing for a long time will burn the edge tea). For white edge strips, you can put a piece of white paper to avoid staining the surface of the edge strips.
3. Try a short period of time before construction, and you can basically grasp the essentials of the operation. If the glue is not melted or the side strips are damaged, adjust the time or gear of the pressure.

Comparison Before and After Use

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