Ceramic Fireproof Silicone Tape

Ceramic fireproof silicone tape is mainly processed by fireproof ceramic silicone rubber and fireproof reinforced glass fiber. It is a high-strength flexible composite product with good high temperature resistance and excellent electrical insulation. It can resist 1000-degree flame ablation and prevent the flame from spreading to other areas.
These unique features enable materials to address safety and design issues in electric vehicle batteries, rail trains and electronic appliances.

Details of Ceramic Fireproof Silicone Tape

Material: Fireproof ceramic silicone rubber+Refractory reinforced fiberglass
Adhesive: Silicone
Color: White/Orange/Black
Thickness: 350mic
Width: 5mm-50mm
Length: 25m
Support customization: Yes
Heat-resistant temperature: Long-lasting stickiness, leaving no residual glue after tearing off
* Flame retardant
* Heat insulation
* High temperature resistance
* Tight winding without deformation
* Corrosion resistance
* Aging resistance

Applications of Ceramic Fireproof Silicone Tape

Wires, cables, new energy vehicle modules, electric vehicle power battery protection, etc.

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