Fiberglass Filament Tape

Fiberglass filament tape is coated with hot melt adhesive or solvent adhesive and fiberglass polyester film carrier with one way/cross way reinforce. It is used for fixing parts in white goods and packaging, holding and bundling, and widely used in household electrical appliance.

Features of Fiberglass Filament Tape

Material: PET/Bopp film + Fiberglass mesh
Color: White/Yellow/Green, etc
Thickness: 110-180mic
Cut Roll Size: 25mm/48 x 25m/50m
Size(width): 50mm & 30mm
Jumbo Roll Size: 1020mm x 1000m

Features of Fiberglass Filament Tape

Technical Data of Fiberglass Filament Tape

We can do different width/thickness/length, the following is for reference only
Part No.
Backing thickness
Backing material
Fiberglass polyester film with
one way reinforce
Total thickness
Hot melt adhesive
Peel adhesion at 180
Tensile Strength
Rolling ball tack
>15# (Ball no.)
 Elongation  3 ~ 5%

 Holding power

 Service temperature range  -10 ~ +70℃
 Filament density  660 stripes/1020mm

Applications of Fiberglass Filament Tape

For metal/wood materials furnishing packaging, electric equipment packaging (like washing machine, refrigerator, etc)

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