Multifunctional Sealing Strip

Multifunctional sealing strip is an environmentally friendly material with high anti-aging performance, high weather resistance, high low temperature resistance, and will not harden in cold environments, and has good stickiness and firmness. It is widely used around doors and windows, and can play the role of sealing, dustproof, anti-collision and blocking insects.

Details of Multifunctional Sealing Strip

Material: Silicone rubber
Adhesive: Solvent acrylic adhesive
Color: Transparent, translucent, white, brown, gray, black
Width: 25/35/45/60/100/110mm
Length: 50m/100m

Features of Multifunctional Sealing Strip

Colors and Sizes

25mm: suitable for sealing gaps of 1-15mm
35mm: suitable for sealing gaps of 1-20mm
45mm: suitable for sealing gaps of 1-30mm
60mm: suitable for sealing gaps of 1-35mm
110mm: suitable for sealing gaps of 1- 70mm

Applications of Multifunctional Sealing Strip

Used for sealing various doors and windows, containers, cabinets, etc. against wind, dust, water, and insects.

Comparison Before and After Use

How to Use It

Installation Methods of Different Doors and Windows

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